Sara Fisher Designer Organizer

Simplifying your health... and your closet.

Hi. I'm Sara Fisher and I'm here to help. Let's talk about you and what we can do to simplify your space.

Simplify Your Closet

Why is this so important? Your closet is a space you enter as one of your first tasks of the day and can unknowingly set your tone from your mood all the way to how you dress.

As a custom closet specialist working with The Container Store®, I review how you use your closet and inventory your clothing & other accessories. I then measure the entire closet area to create the perfect design to maximize your space.

Simplify Your Health

I have been on a mission, much like many people, to find a plan that works for maintaining a healthy attitude, body, and lifestyle. There was one catch, it has to be easy.

I'll show you my transformation, and you can decide if you want to jump in with me. It's so simple... really.