“Our greatest wealth is our health. We cannot control what is going on in the world, but we have power over our bodies and nutrition...”

We've all been on a journey

Mine started in my 20s when I did not have a healthy relationship with my body or food....

Sound familiar? I would obsessively exercise and then binge on ice cream and pizza. I kept going in circles on the weight loss and gain merry-go-round and I did not feel good about my body or unhealthy choices.

I seemed to shift my weight loss story a bit in my 20s and 30s. Over time, I slipped back into not caring what I put in my body. I wanted to indulge myself and became complacent. I would sneak a handful of cookies and drink glasses of wine, not being conscious with it all. I believed this was just how my body was going to look and I would have a belly for the rest of my life. It’s just a natural part of aging, right?

Fast forward to today

I have shifted my ideas about aging and my body

In 2018, I was introduced to an amazing program by a friend in Charlotte. I saw her  transformation and asked what she was doing. She explained she was doing Isagenix where she:

  • replaced two meals with nutrient-dense shakes
  • had two snacks
  • ate a regular meal daily

There is also a cleanse day which includes juices and is not a total fast.

Sounds too easy right?

Sara Kiss Face
Sara in Sun

What's the worst that could happen?

My friend said “try it for 30 days”. If I did not like it, I could get my money back. So I dove in!

What did I have to lose other than pounds? In six weeks, I lost seven pounds. In a little over two months, I lost 22 pounds and 39 inches. The system was manageable and easy to follow. I needed it to be sustainable. Anybody can do a 30-day program, but to this day, I still follow it and maintain a healthy weight and relationship with my body. I can have birthday cake and wine, but still rock a healthy body. I have found a balance between loving food and having a healthy life. Plus, because the system is sustainable, easy to follow, and has the flexibility of making it your own, I have remained healthy and kept the weight off to this day.

My Story

“Isagenix has worked for me and so many others over the last 18 years. My life is so much better because I made the choice to embrace my body and live healthy.” - Sara

“Sara is not only passionate and enthusiastic about healthy living but also life itself. She provides great encouragement, education, and motivation.”
- Sara's Client

I'm sure you have tons of questions. Feel free to reach out to me! I can answer many of them. Talk with you soon! ~ Sara

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