Sara Fisher Designer Organizer

Professional Organizer and Owner of A Simple Space

Let's simplify your space.

Let's work together to simplify and create space in your home for  abundance!  It is possible and we'll even have fun creating your new space together!

How We Can Help You

Closet Design

As a custom closet specialist working with The Container Store®, I review how you use your closet and inventory your clothing & other accessories. I then measure the entire closet area to create the perfect design to maximize your space.

Residential Decluttering

Decluttering and organizing for closets, kitchens/pantries, bedrooms, garages & storage areas, paper management systems. Each household is different, and it’s important to have organizing solutions that are tailored to the way you live and work.

Time Management

Life happens, time runs short and keeping up with organization can take a backseat to the tasks and stressors of the day. Developing tips to keep you one step ahead for the future and keep you inspired to prioritize tasks for a fulfilling life you deserve.

"Thank you for all your help in "straightening" my life... it's an investment that has been well worth it to me."

Cathrine L.

Let's get you simplified!